5 Easy Steps to Align Marketing and Sales

By November 5, 2013 June 22nd, 2016 marketing

Here easy steps to align marketing and sales in your organization for better results:

  1. Ask Sales, ”What do you wish you knew about your prospects?”
  2. Start asking those questions. But make sure to keep your forms short. Shorter forms work best. If you have too many questions, try a progressive form. This way you can collect the important stuff first.
  3. Get the data into your CRM. Collecting data is great but it needs to be easily accessible and actionable.
  4. Start identifying what activities someone may be taking with the different answers. For example, timeframe to make a purchase would affect how sales would address the prospect.
  5. Use it!
– Think about how you can use this collected data in your marketing communications. Think more targeted communications, more useful assets and better insights to help mold your buyer persona. Think about how you can pump this new information to your sales reps in an easily consumable way that they’ll be able to use it for prospecting or having purposeful conversations with prospects (or even existing customers).
- How else can your organization use the data you’re collecting?  For example, if companies you work with typically need a credit check before becoming approved for financing for your product, answers to some of these preliminary questions might qualify them for pre-approval.