A New CRM for Small Businesses (Or any sized business for that matter)

By October 24, 2013 October 30th, 2013 marketing

I had to look this up, but Contatta is Italian for “it contacts”. An appropriate name for a new Scottsdale, AZ start-up. I recently had the opportunity to view an early iteration of Contatta’s new CRM. But I preface this statement that the term “CRM” does Contatta’s solution a discredit.

We have preconceived views of what a CRM is. Sure CRM means Customer Resource Management. But what it has come to mean is weeks of set-up, hours of training and months of frustration. Not to mention a substantial outlay in direct and indirect costs to get it set up and working. Contatta’s new solution is different.

The way we communicate today has evolved – social media, email, texting, video chat and much more. And it continues to evolve. CRM’s haven’t changed much since their invention. And a lot of today’s CRM’s were built using standards and technology that is 10+ years old. They just continue to patch together additions to outdated code. And they try to sell it as the latest and greatest. Most CRM solutions won’t show you a true demo of their product. They’re afraid to. But a demo of Contatta’s solutions made a believer out of me.

Contatta started from scratch and without preconceptions of what CRMs have been. They’ve created something that I believe will make other CRM’s seem like 8-track tapes. If your current CRM takes weeks to implement or you have to go through days of training to understand it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by Contatta’s app. I was very impressed at how quickly it was set up and working. And at how naturally intuitive it was. It integrates all the ways we communicate today into one easy to understand platform. The reason I think it is a good tool for small to medium sized businesses is its pricing structure. Check it out – www.contatta.com – I think you’ll be impressed too.