The difference between a boss and a leader

By August 3, 2014 June 22nd, 2016 marketing

I saw some of this posted on Facebook recently. But I decided to add a few elements from my own experience working with bosses and leaders. It surprises me there are still “bosses” who manage this way. And those same “bosses” can’t understand why they have high turn-over with low and inconsistent results. I’ve always tried to be a “leader” with my management style and build for long-term success.


  • Drives employees
  • Depends on authority
  • Inspires fear
  • Says “I”
  • Places blame for breakdowns
  • Knows how it’s done
  • Uses people
  • Takes credit
  • Commands
  • Says “Go”
  • Manages by extortion
  • Looks at the short-term needs


  • Coaches employees
  • Depends on goodwill
  • Inspires (period)
  • Says “We”
  • Fixes the breakdowns
  • Shows how it is done
  • Develops people
  • Gives credit
  • Asks
  • Says “Let’s Go”
  • Manages by example
  • Looks at the short-term AND long-term needs