With over 20 years experience, I’ve worked on both sides of the ad agency/client fence. No matter what side of the fence, my focus is always on creativity with results. While I have extensive experience in traditional advertising in print and broadcast, today my focus and expertise is in digital marketing and advertising. I’ve directly managed over $500M media buy with Google and the other minor search engines. But my real strength is rolling up my sleeves and working hard to find opportunities for my clients even if they have a shoestring budget. Because of my hands-on work I’m able to keep overhead low and results high. If you’re looking for a no non-sense, get the work done approach, give me a call.

Prolific Global Marketer, Digital Advertising Pro, Branding Strategist, WordPress Guru, PR Ace, Designer, Writer, Artist, Author & Photographer.

Leadership, Results & Creativity Where Vision, Strategy & Experience Converge.

I’m a results driven global marketer and creative thinker with over 20 years experience in driving growth, innovation and revenue. My proven success record in B2B marketing and advertising in ecommerce, software, technology, manufacturing, healthcare and education segments is unparalleled. I’ve also built successful and engaging B2C strategies and campaigns in the ecommerce, education, real estate, healthcare, entertainment and technology industries. My specialty is developing strategic initiatives, building high performance teams and steering marketing and operational excellence in the domestic and international arenas.

To view my artistic work, go to ColorPalette.com


• Strategic & Tactical Planning
• Digital Marketing: SEM & SEO
• Social Media Advertising
• Content Marketing & Strategies
• Multi-Tiered Marketing Campaigns
• Social Media Planning & Implementation
• Traditional Media: TV, Print, Radio
• Corporate Communications & Public Relations
• Analytics & A/B Testing to Improve Results
• Market Research & Analysis
• Direct Response Advertising
• Creative Direction
• Website Design & Development
• Brand Design & Evolution
• B2B & B2C Campaign Strategies
• Brand & Product Marketing Strategies
• Local, National & International Marketing
• Growth Hacking Strategies
• e-Commerce & Online Retail Strategies
• Writing